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My name is Agatha and I am a mother to three littles- Alana, Rowan, and my eldest Martina, after whom my shop is named. In addition to being a busy mama, I am truly passionate about living an intentional, minimal lifestyle with a focus on quality and sustainability. During the tough teething times, I tried to find natural, safe, and effective teething remedies for my babies- but I could never find what I wanted.

Martina`s was born out of a desire to give my littles safe, natural teething solutions; no plastics full of unknown toxins, or remedies containing questionable chemicals.

Martina`s is my way of bringing my lived experience as a mother and my lifestyle beliefs together in hopes of providing beautiful, minimal, and safe natural teething remedies to mamas around the world.

A graphic designer by trade, I found myself in a period of transition after becoming a mother. My journey through motherhood has changed me fundamentally; as a survivor of Postpartum Depression, I have been forced to carefully examine my lifestyle and habits. What was serving me? What was dragging me down? With this in mind, I practice minimalism and intentional living wherever possible. It’s why I have carefully chosen a selection of products of the highest quality; they are chosen for their beauty and their function, with the goal of becoming something that stays with your family long after the tough teething years have passed.

I hope that the thought and intention that has gone into each of these products help you and your family through the teething stages and makes them treasured keepsakes for years beyond that.

From my family to yours, we hope you enjoy your purchases as much as we have enjoyed curating them!


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