The Blush box contains a mini amber strand for baby and a gorgeous blush toned strand for mama. 

Baltic Amber Teething Strand ||

Amber teething strands reduce teething symptoms by releasing trace amounts of healing oils onto the skin during wear. These oils (contain a natural anti-inflammatory called succinic acid) are absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream hereby reducing inflammation and drooling.

Our amber strands are handmade with care and attention to detail. The beads have been double knotted in our signature style and are finished with a safety screw clasp.

№ 041 Pastel Silicone Teething Strand© ||

Inspired by the modern mom herself, our strands© collection is expressive and strong. They are made of quality silicone beads that are soft, chewable and won’t damage with use. The texture is just what a teething babe craves, and is toxin free and safe for gumming. A beautiful essential that mom and baby will continue to reach for!

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