Our woodland fairy box is full of sweet, natural remedies to help baby and mama ace teething. It’s filled with great basics, many of which have multiple benefits for your babe. Continue reading below to see what’s inside this darling gift box.


Baltic Amber Teething Strand ||

Amber teething strands reduce teething symptoms by releasing trace amounts of healing oils onto the skin during wear. These oils (contain a natural anti-inflammatory called succinic acid) are absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream hereby reducing inflammation and drooling.

Our amber strands are handmade with care and attention to detail. The beads have been double knotted in our signature style and are finished with a safety screw clasp.


Teething Buddy ||

A teething toy, just like they used to be: natural, safe and non-toxic. Each toy is unique and carefully hand sanded to silky smooth perfection. Teething buddies are splinter proof, naturally anti-bacterial and don’t harbour nasties or chemicals like plastics do.


Burly Teething Rattle ||

The Burly teething rattle is ideal for sensitive gums and emerging teeth. It’s easy to grip for early teething babes and makes a wonderful woody sound when it’s shook.


Drool Bandana ||

Nothing beats this cheerful print and gorgeous draped design. Our drool bib is handmade locally out of certified organic cotton. It’s incredibly soft and absorbent and perfect for a little teething bub that has a bad case of drooling.





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